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Membership is the lifeblood of all volunteer organizations, including veterans service organizations.  Members are needed to help make decisions regarding our activities, and support our programs and events.  DAV Chapter #3 has more than 600 members.  We greatly appreciate our current members while we welcome new people to the organization.  Together, we truly fulfill the DAV mission of Keeping the Promise to America's Veterans.

These Members Have Recently Joined Adam Klein Chapter #3

David Vinchattle

Pierre Fillion

Andy Buntrock

Michael Swenson

Toni Mathias-Grumley

Justin Gerhardt

Shauna Greff

Craig Johnson

Clifford Horner

Burnell Sammons

Ralph Feland

Nathaniel Wood

Troy Skelton

Joseph Schwingler

Shawn Skager

Robert Gregoire

Willard Rose

Rory Krause

Wayne Balvitsch

Tori Barnum

Christie Chernich

Rodney Mitzel

David Cote

Michael Schauer

James Fuglie

Lonnie Dockter

Patrick Lengenfelder

Richard Skjonsby

Ann Willoughby

James Hrdlicka

Donald Reiner

Phillip Hoffman

Bill Wilson

Clyde Graff

Joseph Hughes

Marlin Gruenberg

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